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Brownswood Recordings - Sunny Side Up (2019)

  LISTEN It's barely been a year since We Out Here ; Brownswood Recordings ' essential document of contemporary UK jazz. The compilation came at a point of critical mass for London's scene, heralding landmark releases from the likes of Shabaka Hutchings , Nubya Garcia , and Moses Boyd . Sunny Side Up hopes to tread a similar path with its diverse roster of Melbourne up-and-comers, many of whom are yet to see recognition on the world stage. It's a chance to acknowledge the city's development, both artistically and as a community, following in London's footsteps to re-invent jazz for the twenty-first century. If there's one thing linking these two scenes, it's a disregard for style. Opening cut Banksia sees drummer Phil Stroud lace sunburnt horn leads with a hefty dose of subliminal funk before Dufresne's Pick Up / Galaxy evolves the vibe into synth-laden Fela Kuti worship complete with scatted call and response. Later on, Audrey Powne

MIKE - Tears of Joy (2019)

LISTEN You Shall Be Blessed Forever   It'd be easy to dismiss MIKE on first listen, his monotone flows and sleepy delivery sound like a half-baked parody of 'mumble rap'. Over the past couple of years he's emerged as a flagbearer for New York's modern underground, spearheading the prolific sLUms collective in their recent rise to prominence. 2018 saw big names like Solange and Earl Sweatshirt working with the likes of Standing On The Corner , Adé Hakim , and Navy Blue , integral figures in the creation of this new sound. Paradoxically, sLUms' production is defined by their samples, often glitched out or distorted beyond recognition. Through simple loops the group mine emotional depths with heartfelt verses characterised by raw imperfection. MIKE exemplifies this principle with his signature sound, built across hours of crushingly intimate performances. Tears of Joy is the 20 year-old MC's latest mixtape and follows MIKE's grief and