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Pete La Roca - Turkish Women At The Bath (1967) [Obscure Jazz Safari]

LISTEN   If you'd prefer this review in audio form, an excerpt from my radio show can be found down below.  It features 'Sin Street', 'Majoun', and a lovely monotone.  So Pete La Roca follows up one of the decade's best jazz records with... another one of the decade's best jazz records. I'm serious, the guy did it again. Pete's second and final release is a powerful and elegant entry into the intimidating post-bop canon. Both albums feature a tight quartet playing eastern-tinged tunes, but each group has a distinct character. Joe Henderson lead Basra with commanding melodies and intimidating solos, matched by La Roca's incessant rhythms. Turkish Women hands duties to Sun Ra's sax disciple John Gilmore , who wrings impressive inspiration out of Pete's compositions. Gilmore's solos are more direct than Henderson's, he delicately slaloms scales to craft infectious melodies and evolves grooves around the entire ban