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NGA2: Hot New Deconstructed Club World Tour

Our second episode kicks off with a Hot New Deconstructed Club World Tour (tm), where I play Hot New Deconstructed Club music from around the globe. Among the countries visited are Poland, China, Uganda, Switzerland, and Tasmania, representing a diverse spread of left-field dance music released this year. Here are 5 of my favourite tracks.

A member of the post-Memphis collective Waistdeep Clique, CALSUTMORAN re-examines trap music's roots through an extra-terrestrial lens. In other words, he's equally obsessed with both xenomorphs and Three Six Mafia. It's a strange Venn diagram of interests, but the overlap sounds like no-one else.

Diabolic Syntax opens with a skin-crawling soundscape of sculpted alien communique before unfolding into an otherworldly, mechanical trunk-knocker. It's an early single off Cal's next release PARASITOIDAL BIOCHEMICAL, and truly embodies those two words. Due early next year.

julek ploski - ja tata
Another perplexing young producer distinguished by his unique sound design, 19 year-old Julek Ploski has just found his foothold in the world of deconstructed club with sophomore album SpiƩ.

ja tata opens with an anxiety-filled bed of uncomfortably physical convulsions. Displaced gun shots anchor the track's evolution as a crumbling melody rises above crafted field recordings.

Ploski's sound obviously reeks of Arca, but he's doing more than enough to stand out. ja tata is an unnerving display of talent, talent that's maintained throughout the full-length project. Highly recommended.

33EMYBW - Adam Bank
I came across Shanghai-based label SVBKVLT (sub-cult?) through their collaborations with Uganda's Hakuna Kulala, and 33EMYBW's Arthropods is their latest release. Allegedly inspired by insec-oh wait there's a bio

"The soul is a fragment of a dream, the seed of future and past, evolving infinitely on the Arthropods Continent."
 "We seek out dreams and catch them, to scrape together the new Adam."

Good thing the music on Arthropods is far more corporeal than its concept. My pick, Adam Bank, recalls the modern IDM-footwork fusions of Jlin, sharded vocal samples bouncing atop austere percussion. Other standouts from the release include Arthropods Continent and Drum3, both of which stretch over 7 minutes in length without being boring.
Slikback - ISHU
Practically the backbone of aforementioned Ugandan club offshoot Hakuna Kulala, Slikback's artistic progression has mirrored the fledgling label in its profound and rapid growth.

Released in collaboration with SVBKVLT, Slip takes Kampala's no-bullshit approach to rhythms and amps up the abrasive elements. The result is honestly staggering, tunes that slap your mind awake and demand its full attention.

ISHU is one such track, relentless kits spin up into a noisy whirlwind of pummeling sound. It's one of Slikback's finest efforts to date, cramming ounces of raw power into a sub-three minute track time.

Raymond Scottwalker - InMyRoom
Had to chuck in an Aussie to represent, and who better than the Hobart's inimitable IDM master Raymond Scottwalker. His SomethingWasWrong EP from September this year floored me when it first came out and it's tracks have only gotten better over time.

InMyRoom is a trundling banger built upon intermittently thumping kick stabs. Taking the spotlight is a didgeridoo-esque chainsaw synth, the wails of which become swallowed by lush chord patches.

He might be at the end of this list, but Raymond's music is world-class. I struggle to think of a more widely 'underrated' Aussie electronic artist.

My full playlist for this segment is down below, you can see other songs and stream the whole episode here.

Slaine Kelly - Altered Yeast (Gross Prophet Altered YEET Remix)
julek ploski - ja tata
33EMYBW - Adam Bank
Aisha Devi - Two Serpents (33EMYBW Remix)
MC Yallah x Debmaster - TT32V2
Slikback - ISHU
Tropical Interface - Signature
Raymond Scottwalker - InMyRoom
Andy Stott - Collapse
Telekenet - The History of Anxiety


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