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Pink Siifu - NEGRO (2020)

LISTEN I've banged on about the hypnagogic hip-hop scene for long enough, praising artists like MIKE , Standing On The Corner , and recent convert Earl Sweatshirt for their dreamy explorations into sample based jazz-rap. LA based Pink Siifu sits adjacent to scene progenitors, New York's sLUms collective, plying their abstract poetry with rasped yet reserved fusions of spoken word and RnB. Real name Livingston Matthews , Siifu's approach to this style is best manifested on 2018's Ensley : a dusty, sunlit drive through crooned, Frank Ocean -esque introspection that's part diary reading and part lo-fi beat tape. As with most hip-hop, it's music borne from struggle, offering a strange sense of escapism amidst chaotic surrounds. If Ensley was a safety blanket, Siifu's new release is a stolen AK. A series of impulse reactions to America's social climate, it's an album so politically charged I'm hesitant to utter the one-word title in my colo

Autechre - AE_LIVE 2016/2018 (2020)

LISTE N MELBOURNE_220618 What was best concert you've ever been to? How much of it do you actually remember? The human brain has a tendency to squash experiences down into bite-sized sensory snippets and emphasise emotional impact, leaving us with heartening yet endlessly fallible recollections of past events. Now if you could hear that gig again, exactly as it sounded, what would that do to the memory? This is what I'll be exploring with the release of MELBOURNE_220618 , one of seven soundboards recently released by electronic heavyweights Autechre as AE_LIVE 2016/2018 . Quick caveat, this show actually took place on the 21st of June as I saw them in Tasmania on the 22nd, but erroneous titles aside let's move on. This tour, known by fans as 'onesix',  explored the 'deep mixing' practices of their studio work this decade, presenting dense palettes of post-human ambient and contorting them into sounds unheard. It's a